Phalarope, Inc.

  Improving young lives by empowering women and involving men


Phalarope aims to use cost-effective solutions to improve maternal and child health in Guatemala,  Uganda and USA.  Specific goals are:

1. To educate women, both in general and specifically in association with pregnancy, to  help ensure that mothers know how and when to seek health care services for themselves and their children.

2. To improve skilled care by a birth attendant (traditional midwifes) during pregnancy and labor, to improve access to emergency obstetric care and immediate postnatal care to help reduce maternal and infant mortality. 

3.  To diminish rates of  Malaria, Dengue, and Zika with low-cost interventions, such as environmental control of breeding sites, provision of mosquito nets, and proper referral of infected individuals to healthcare facilities for prompt treatment

4. To create ongoing programs  for identification and follow-up of patients and high-risk groups patients in the community.

5. create a sustainable electronic surveillance system to collect data of the environment and members in the target communities.

6. To improve the allocation of resources and medical treatment in an effective and efficient manner.