Phalarope, Inc.

  Improving young lives by empowering women and involving men


Any financial or in kind support is greatly appreciated.  As a small streamlined organization you can be assured that your contributions will support our programs and not be spent on administrative costs.  Our board members are volunteers donating their time and money.  No board member profits financially from their involvement with Phalarope.  As a 503(c ) non profit organization your donations are tax deductible in the U.S.  Your donation can be designated for an specific program or  for any program in general.  Specific programs include  maternal and child health, STEM program, CANI school, and women's empowerment program.   None of your donation will be used for administrative costs of the organization. 

$50 a year will cover the costs of a medical kit  (gloves, stethoscope, sphignomanometer) for a traditional midwife in rural Guatemala
$100  a year will help provide medications, antibiotics and vitamins for one pregnant woman and her infant.
$300 a year will sponsor a child at CANI school  for one whole year of education which includes cost of books, uniform, and school supplies 


Volunteers are essential for the success of any non profit organization.  A diverse group of volunteers can help access under-served or difficult to reach populations.  Volunteers through their other affiliations can link Phalarope, Inc.  to potential partners or share their knowledge in specific areas by providing technical support in specific areas of our operations.
There are many ways you can get involved with us.  As a small  organization we are always on the look out for people to help sustain and expand our programs.  If you would like to volunteer on-site or at home from your own country we would love to hear from you.