Phalarope, Inc.

  Improving young lives by empowering women and involving men


Phalarope aims to use cost-effective solutions to improve health in adults and children in the USA and Guatemala through several interventions:

Currently Phalarope hosts a radio show - LA PLACITA DE LA SALUD that targets the Hispanic community.  This show provides health education about risk factors associated with the development of acute and chronic diseases and the preventive strategies that can be use  to reduce their occurrences.  The radio show is done in partnership with La Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana through its radio station Radio Pesca 94.7 FM. 

 In Guatemala, Phalarope is currently developing a program in partnership with Rotary International and Fundacion para el Desarrollo Integral -FUDI to help decrease maternal mortality during pregancy.  This initiative is funded by a Global Grant from the Rotary International Foundation.  The program aims
1. To ensure that mothers know how and when to seek health care services for themselves and their children.

2. To improve skilled care by a birth attendant (traditional midwifes) during pregnancy and labor, to improve access to emergency obstetric care and immediate postnatal care to help reduce maternal and infant mortality. 

3.To create ongoing programs  for identification and follow-up of patients and high-risk groups patients in the community.

5. Create a sustainable electronic surveillance system to collect data of the environment and members in the target communities.

6. To improve the allocation of resources and medical treatment in an effective and efficient manner.