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Technical Support to non-profit organizations

Phalarope has other programs to help other non-profit organizations identify needs, assess strengths, clarify direction, map out a plan of action, and evalute the impact of their activities.  Phalarope offers strategic planning services that help strengthen organizations internally, and community planning to help non-profits bring the voices of community members to their social impact work.  Phalarope also  can help non-profit  organizations designs and implements evaluations processes  to determine the social impact that the organization  creates. We work with the organization on focused, short-term assessments, as well as more complex, long-range studies. Our approach to every evaluation effort is grounded in our values, which emphasize cultural-based practices, scientific rigor, and a collaborative work style. 

Our members have a strong foundation in  traditional and innovative program development and evaluation techniques that look at both process and results.  The formative evaluation will look at an organization’s activities and operations.  Then outcome and impact evaluations will help examine the changes that happen as a result of a specific program, strategy, or initiative. Findings will be used to  make decisions about a model’s merit or worth for continuation or expansion. Read more

Map international warehouse
Saving lives with Medicine in Georgia team


Phalarope is currently serving in the Task force as a senior advisor to the Rotary International, District 6920, and MAP international.  The Saving Lives with Medicines in Georgia aims to create a state-wide distribution system program of pharmaceuticals to volunteer clinics who serve underserved, uninsured populations in Georgia.  

The project will focus on provision of medication for hypertension, diabetes, asthma and high cholesterol. These conditions are among the most prevalent in free and charitable clinics and the most expensive to treat. In addition, MAP will provide health supplies, over the counter medications and medications, such as antibiotics, for treatment of acute illnesses.  As MAP works on an excess inventory model to receive donated product from pharmaceutical companies, the types and volumes of medication and supplies available varies over time. During the initial phase of the project, MAP, Rotary's Force and Phalarope will work closely with clinics to analyze their needs to improve availability of critical items. Based on needs, MAP may supplement some requests with purchased medicines
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