Phalarope, Inc.

  Improving young lives by empowering women and involving men

Internships and Fellowship Programs

Phalarope supports internship opportunities for qualified undergraduate and graduate students and professionals who want to gain meaningful experiences in public health settings. These opportunities can be done as a summer internship or a year-long fellowship.  Some of these internships and fellowships maybe paid  

Maternal and Child Health and Epidemiology

The Maternal Child Health (MCH) Intern will assist in coordinating the logistics of MCH projects in Guatemala and Uganda.  Through this role, the MCH Intern will contribute in  the planning, development and implementation of the programs.  This internship will provide the opportunity to
  • To develop a strong evidence base to improve health policies, programs and practices for women and children, locally and globally;
  • To work in interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions for addressing health disparities among women and children;
  • To use  innovative approaches, including implementation science, to support the successful implementation of proven women’s and children’s interventions at scale; and
  • To using quantitative and qualitative methods to improve the health of women, children and their families in the USA and overseas.

    Current Interns

    Past Interns

    Priya Patel- MPH Student
    Internship Nutrition and Health Education
    Lavanya Bollam MPH
    Internship  Education

    Rachel Usher, BS Ecology

    Internship in Epidemiology