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  Improving young lives by empowering women and involving men

Women Empowerment

In the 21st century, women generally enjoy more freedom and power than ever before, but they are still disadvantaged when compared to men in virtually all aspects of life  in the developing world.  Women tend to have less education, access to basic health care services,  financial capital, political appointments, employee rights, and land ownership. The education,  training  and economic empowerment of women will help them improve their status and security.  This in turn enhances the health and well-being of their children.

Guatemala -Tejiendo Sueños

Tejiendo suenos program
Phalarope will be providing technical support to the program Tejiendo Sueños - Weaving Dreams  an economic empowerment program founded by social worker  Isabel Giron,  a community leader in Santa Apolinia Chimaltenango, Guatemala.   This program is geared towards developing a cooperative of women with the purpose of generating a sustainable source of income for them and their families.  Tejiendo Sueños - Weaving Dreams is in the pilot stages with 50 women who were selected because of their leadership in the community.   

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