Phalarope, Inc.

  Improving young lives by empowering women and involving men

Phalarope*, Inc. is a non-profit 503(c) established in 2016.  Phalarope,  Inc. was established with the mission to improve young lives by empowering women and involving men, both internationally and domestically.  We have no religious or political affiliations.  Our areas of work are in maternal and child health, education, women's empowerment initiatives and technical support to nonprofits.

  1. The first principle that guides our organization is to keep administrative costs close to a bare minimum and to maximize the effectiveness of donations.  We aim to achieve this through the efforts of volunteers experienced in international health, maternal and child health, and in fundraising.

2. The second principle is to empower women while involving men.  The education and training of poor women in developing countries has been demonstrated to be the most effective method of improving the health and education of poor children.  We aim to do this through pragmatic programs targeted to women and children that do not ostracize men.

3.  Our third principle is for our programs to be as environmentally sustainable as practically possible.

4. Finally, while we aim to be a pragmatic, results-oriented organization that partners with other like-minded organizations, we will monitor outcomes.  Our aim is to be scientifically sound and operationally transparent. 

*Phalaropes are three species of shore birds where the stereotypical gender roles are reversed.  The females are larger and more colorful and the males sit on the nests.  They also have a unique form of feeding in which they swim in a circle creating a whirlpool, then reach into the vortex raising food from the bottom of shallow water.

In the News

Jan 25, 2018 

We are excited to welcome our new intern Rachel Usher. Rachel is a recent Magna Cum Laude with High Honors graduate from UGA with a B.S. in Ecology.

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Our Partners

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