Our Partners


Phalarope has partner with organizations that have the same goals, who are working in the same areas , and who are accountable and transparent in their operations.


Phalarope has partnered with the ROTARY DISTRICT 6920 (Central, South Central, Southeast, & Coastal Georgia, USA) on their three-year pilot program Saving lives with Medicines. Phalarope serves as the senior Senior Technical Advisor for the district on the implementation of this pilot. The program was launched on Sep 1st. 2018. The Saving Lives with Medicine programs provides medications to volunteer/charitable clinics who serve the uninsured and underinsured patients in the State of Georgia with asthma, hypertension, , type I & II Diabetes, and high cholesterol.


map international

A faith-based nonprofit providing essential medicines for mission clinics and hospitals in developing countries around the world. ere is a description of a partner organization.


Aq’on’Jay Health Center - Fundacion para el desarrollo integral (FUDI)

Aq'on'Jay Health Center , established in 1990 and is part of a non-profit organization called Fundacion para el Desarrollo Integral (FUDI). The Aq'on'Jay health center is located in Chimaltenango approximate 1.5 hours from Guatemala City, and between 40 min to 2 hours from he communities they work with. Currently Aq'on'Jay the Health Center provides primary care, dental, ophthalmology, nutrition, pharmacy and basic health education services to the community.


cani asociacion casa del nino (CANI)

a non-for profit that works with children  from poor neighborhoods with a  high prevalence rate of gangs and violence.  Some of these children live in homes were drugs and domestic violence are present in the family.  CANI provides lower school education, technical training for parents,  recycling and vegetables gardens, soccer.