We improve young lives by empowering women through education, community outreach and opportunity, enabling families and communities to reach their full potential.  

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create self-sustainable programs that empower women and their families so that they can improve their health, education, and economic status in the communities they live. These sustainable strategies are culturally, environmentally and practically sound. While we aim to be pragmatic, results-oriented organization that partners with other like minded organizations, we will monitor outcomes. Our goal is to be scientifically sound and operationally transparent.


Our Programs



Phalarope aims to use cost-effective solutions to improve health in adults and children in the USA and Guatemala through health education, improve health status and care of pregnant women, integrate traditional midwives into the health system, and create systems to identify and follow-up high risk patients.

Women’s Empowerment- Tejiendo sueños

This program is geared towards developing entrepreneurship program to help women in rural areas of Guatemala create their own line of products under their own brand and sell it locally, online, and overseas.


Phalarope’s  “ Learn to Action STEM program”   promotes students to learn math and science using an aquaponic ecosystem as a teaching tool. Phalarope team help develop together lessons plans,  games, and problem-solving activities to teach STEM concepts.   


Technical Support to non-profit organizations

Phalarope helps other non-profit organizations to designs and implement evaluation processes  to determine the social impact that the organization  creates. The formative, outcome and impact evaluation are conducted to help examine the changes that happen as a result of a specific program, strategy, or initiative implemented by the organization.

Internships and Fellowship Programs

Phalarope supports fellowship opportunities for qualified undergraduate and graduate students and professionals who want to gain meaningful experiences in public health settings. These opportunities can be done as a summer internship or a year-long fellowship. 

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Our Impact



lower school children and their families

Phalarope with Asociacion CAsa del Nino in Jocotenango are participating on an STEM program with an aquaponic system. Program is been done in stages.



Volunteer/charitable clinics enrolled in a state wide program to receive free medications

Phalarope is currently serving in the Task force as a Senior Technical Advisor to the Rotary International, District 6920, and MAP international.  on the The Saving Lives with Medicines in Georgia program. aims to create a state-wide distribution system program of pharmaceuticals to volunteer clinics who serve underserved, uninsured populations in Georgia, USA



Mayan women in rural guatemala

Phalarope is working currently with 50 of the 100 women living in Santa Apolonia, Chimaltenango to develop a sustainable source of income for them.




3 Pre-med and masters students in public health has completed an internship on nutrition and maternal and child health epidemiology. One pre-med student is currently enroll and schedule to visit the program sites.


Get Involved


Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are essential for the success of any non profit organization as they can help access under-served or difficult to reach populations, link to potential partners or share their knowledge in specific areas of our operations.

Make a Donation

As a small streamlined organization you can be assured that your contributions will support our programs and not be spent on administrative. All donations are tax-deductible.